Recorded Wavs comments set 2 from 2006 (Rockpoint)

The following set of comments were offered by another friend from the Boston music scene, also in response the the scratch tracks laid down on “Recorded Wavs”.  These early comments, combined with the previous set, opened the door for me to the collaboration idea that now forms the heart of The Mobius Project.  I post this correspondence here because it shows the continuum in which I placed myself then (respect for the more established artist than myself), and helped me shape my ideas of where to place myself as I went along.


Hot dang!  What a week.  Anyway, sorry I didn’t write sooner, but I’m glad you called this week…

I’ve been listening to your songs a bit, and a few of them really pop out at me.

In particular, track 2 is a haunting arpeggiated piece with serious potential.  I would focus on developing a simple vocal melody to compliment that vibe.

I also like your rhythmic flair on track 9 and your vocals are strong.

Track 4 definitely shows off your incubus roots, circa the Make Yourself album, but that ain’t a bad thing 🙂

I love track 7, and I think your picking sounds really strong on that.  It also helps the dynamics by building to the strums

Throughout, you work on some thoughtful lyrical ideas, and you deserve props for that.  For what its worth, lyrics that capture a specific place/moment/time/etc really resonate with me.  Your visions of the sea, and of driving west, and those ideas are my fav, so keep it up

Anway, those are my initial thoughts bro.  Take em or leave em.  I’m just psyched you’re recording this stuff, I can’t wait to hear the full band takes!



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