Adevarul Prin Cuvinte

Now, lest anyone should wonder based upon my user name or the title of this page…I am not Romanian, nor do I even speak Romanian. In the use of a language I have little personal usibility with I am not trying to offend anyone, but am instead drawing on background experiences for personal reasons. Please allow me to explain.

My very own version of an enlightenment happened during my Sophomore year in college. I was a fairly average guy, and considered myself rather…open to the world. But I was also a bit sheltered from the world. I had grown up in a series of small farm towns in Pennsylvania, had never been abroad, and had not had much experience with the world at large. So it was during that time period I found myself temporarily homeless, and was saved by a man I now consider to be a brother to me. He and his family invited me to live in their home for the remainder of the semester. This friend and his family were a Romanian family who had, in my friend’s lifetime, moved to the States and begun their lives here in a small community of Romanians in southern PA. It was around there that I began using the name “cuvintu” (which is Romanian for “word”) for all of my user-name needs. It was my first immersion in a culture which was truly secondary to me. But it was my friend who opened my eyes to the greater world. Through numerous discussions and very opinionated arguments he brought a lot of things that I thought I knew, or never really knew at all, into the perspective of the larger world. For this I have been, and always will be, great full to him and his family.

The above phrase means “Truth In Words”. It is a name I have chosen for this page and the pages I will attach to it. The goal of this page is to collect letters corresponded between me and anyone of consequence that contains either philosophy or issues that relate to the world at large. I have decided to do this for the simple reason that all this experience blogging has made me feel more in touch with the scene of current events and I feel that (at the risk of discussing the ever growing cliche of the “human experience”) this is important for us as a whole…connection.  I want to push the connection angle and then collect those connections here.  My goal is to begin by writing letters to the editors of newspapers and seeing where that expression leads…I’ll just wing it from there.


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