Abandonment issues

Every once in a while I’ll cruise over here and contemplate writing again.  I look up and down the page, wax nostalgic about the things I’ve said, try to imagine what to write here that shouldn’t go on one of the other blogs I write.  I’ll ponder the possibility of taking it down or merging it with another blog.  But you know, I think this has become more like a journal than a blog.  I know it’s public, so it’s possible for anyone to read in a way that a journal isn’t, but it’s comforting to know that this little corner contemplative space is still here for me.  It feels like a place where I can say much more than in other blogs.  I can talk about how annoying some aspects of the local music scene are more than I could on my band blog…gotta play nice.  I can talk about how things are personally for me in certain aspects of my life…can’t put that on the other single-purpose blogs.  Anyway, I’m done with this thought for now because I find myself writing all too often about how I feel I don’t have as much time to write as I’d like, or using writing to create justifications for writing…awesome.