In which I respond directly to some of the hate thrown at the Throwdowns

So, you know how much I enjoyed the Throwdowns show on the 28th of August and saw it as a huge step forward for the local rock scene.  Then imagine my surprise when I opened the following week’s issue of Maui Time Weekly to find the following in the Editor’s inbox section:

I was at the show last night and it was a great turnout.  Today, I listened to the CD and was waiting for the “wow” factor.  It never came for me.  Although each song has a distinct sound, it still all sounds like something I’ve heard somewhere else–and not on Maui.  One last thought: I would have to say that Erin needs a vocal coach to help carry some of the key notes of certain areas of her music.  They are rough, but with time and practice, who knows?

Kava, posted at

The Throwdowns?  More like The Throwups!  Not impressed at all.  They really have nothing new to offer, and what they do offer has been done better.

Henry, posted at

To be fair, these were sandwiched in between to very encouraging comments.  But these particular responses hit a nerve with me because of a lot of hate-filled comments made during the Battle of the Bands just over a year ago in which the Throwdowns won the chance to open up for 311 and NOFX.  It seems that no matter what this band has to offer a local scene that is sorely in need of some more consistent rock and roll they catch vitriol.  I mean, vocal coach?  nothing new to offer?  Do these people have any idea what rock and roll actually is?  It sounds to me like these are either people who have moved here from somewhere else and are used to listening to auto tuned tracks and being snobs about our little scene, or they’re Maui lifer’s who only listen to Jawaiian and reggae.  If there were two comments that could be more wrong about the Throwdowns I have yet to hear them.  Absolutely ridiculous.  The Throwdowns are the flagship band that the local rock scene can and must rally around if we hope to gain any ground.  I know this doesn’t make for the most well-reasoned argument, and I’m not suggesting that everyone has to like the Throwdowns, but I just don’t understand the hate.