In which I respond to a quote that implies humanity’s fate…

This quote is taken from The Universe Story : From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era–A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme, which is not a great book, but has it’s interesting points:

Pg 247 – “If the emergence of the Cenozoic in all it’s brilliance was independent of any human influence, almost every phase of the Ecozoic will involve the human.  While the human cannot make a blade of grass, there is liable not to be a blade of grass unless it is accepted, protected, and fostered by the human.”

See what we have gotten ourselves into by not paying attention all along?  We thought it was all never-ending and we never thought long term.  Now, because of that short sightedness in our past, our future will take the turn of us being constant stewards, with no choice.  But the really disturbing thing is that WE won’t be doing it…we’ll be leaving it for our kids to do.  Maybe that’s why humanity as a whole is short sighted and doesn’t often learn from its mistakes.  Maybe that’s why history is doomed to repeat itself…our short life spans combined with our seeming inability to learn from anyone else’s mistakes other than our own.  We as a race have adopted on an individual level an attitude of  not wanting to be told what or how to do anything by anyone who isn’t “allowed,” anyone who isn’t in our inner circle.  And we don’t always accept that advice either.  If we can’t accept our parent’s admonishments over keeping a clean room, how can we learn from the mistakes of those long dead?  I’m not suggesting that all admonishments should be listened to, but the very thought of being admonished turns most people into the discussion equivalent of a brick wall.  We lose the idea for the words.  Well, we as a race are missing the forest for the trees, and pretty soon we won’t have any of those left.  We’ve also adopted the attitude that we won’t do anything about negative situations until the consequences are upon us.  We are a terribly un-proactive species.  And due to all of this, we will be forced in the future to circle up around those things that we love to see them through, but we’ll have to hand that job off to someone who doesn’t remember when there was more, who doesn’t have the appreciation.  Where will the crack in the chain develop?  Can a system like that hold up forever?

The really sick thing about this line of thinking is that when we form our circle around the last tree…what do you think will be in the distance?  What will the face of the mysterious enemy that we are circling up to repel look like?  Why, it’ll be human of course.  And thus, the civil struggle will continue until the very end until our race is but two brothers on a hilltop.  Only this time, instead of founding Rome, they will stand with rocks in their hands ready to bash each other’s brains out because one tries to protect something, and the other wants to use it to some end.